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Dr. Reginald Archibald, working for Rockefeller University, held himself out as a renowned expert in pediatric endocrinology. Parents throughout the United States brought their children to him for specialized treatment for decades from the late 1940s through the early 1980s. As a physician and professor at Rockefeller University Hospital, he told parents that he could help children who might have growth issues by examining and treating them. Using his "expertise" in childhood growth and his position as a doctor at a prestigious medical center, young boys and teenagers – many of whom dreamed of being taller – were brought by their parents into Dr. Archibald's examining room.

Once in the examining room, however, Dr. Archibald engaged in horrific behavior, telling the children who were in his care that he needed to touch them in their private parts, insisting to boys that he needed to make them "bigger" to "measure" them. The children had no idea what he was doing or that this should not be happening – after all he was their doctor. And as children, they did not have the words or ability to process any of this. He made it part of the treatment and insisted with his authority – and the trust that their parents had placed in him – that this was expected. Then he engaged in sexual abuse in a variety of forms, from masturbating them and/or attempting to arouse them, to taking photographs and other egregious behavior.

Rockefeller University issued two statements about the abuse, one on October 5 and another on October 18:


Shockingly, in the first statement, Rockefeller University admitted that it learned about Dr. Archibald’s systemic abuse of its young and vulnerable patients in 2004 but waited 14 years to begin to contact survivors. And when Rockefeller University finally started to contact survivors in October 2018, it only acknowledged that “some” of Dr. Archibald’s “behaviors” were “inappropriate.” Nor has Rockefeller University provided information to survivors about whether their medical files contain photographs that may constitute child pornography or whether it may have knowledge of such photographs existing elsewhere.

New York City-based Cuti Hecker Wang LLP represents dozens of victims and survivors of this horrific behavior by Dr. Archibald, with more joining every day. Some of our clients are just now remembering or coming to terms with the abuse. 

Click here to read our November 1, 2018 letter to the New York Attorney General demanding a thorough investigation.

Our firm includes lawyers who have been designated “SuperLawyers” and “Top Women Attorneys” who have represented numerous individuals and groups of victims who were sexually abused as children and who struggle day-to-day to come to terms with the harmful effects imposed on them by adults they trusted. Cuti Hecker Wang has successfully handled sexual abuse cases against numerous institutions, including by obtaining a landmark legal ruling in Davis v. Boeheim, 24 N.Y. 3d 262 (2014), a case defended by the same lawyers who are defending Rockefeller University in this matter.

Cuti Hecker Wang LLP is being assisted in this effort by Los Angeles attorney Paul Mones, who has represented survivors of sexual abuse for over 30 years, and who will seek pro hac vice admission to the New York courts in this matter. These two firms have collectively represented hundreds of childhood sexual abuse survivors throughout the Unites States.

Please contact us immediately if you would like to know more. We do not charge for any consultation.

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Oct 18 - New York Times

An Esteemed Doctor, Child Sexual Abuse Claims and a Hospital That Knew for Years

For almost 30 years, parents sought out Dr. Reginald Archibald when their children would not grow. They came to his clinic at The Rockefeller University Hospital, a prominent New York research institution, where he treated and studied children who were small for their age.

He also may have sexually abused many of them.


Oct 18 - Rockefeller University Response

Update on Previously Announced Investigation regarding Dr. Archibald from the Rockefeller University Hospital

In response to sexual misconduct allegations made earlier this year against Dr. Reginald Archibald, a physician who worked at The Rockefeller University Hospital from 1941-1946 and 1948- 1982 and died in 2007, the University retained external legal counsel to investigate. Dr. Archibald studied childhood growth and maturation.


Oct 5 - Rockefeller University Response

Statement regarding Dr. Reginald Archibald from the Rockefeller University Hospital

We have come to learn that Dr. Reginald Archibald, who retired from the Rockefeller University Hospital in 1982, engaged in certain inappropriate conduct during patient examinations. The Hospital and University deeply regret pain and suffering caused to any of Dr. Archibald’s former patients.



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